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The Divine Tribe Story

Ypon familyThe Dels

The Divine Tribe was conceived over years of travel in the world’s remotest regions where partnerships we formed with local artisans and cooperatives grew into lasting friendships.

As we continued to hone our craft and build these relationships, we dreamt about creating a community, a tribe of artists and artisans that would help sustain each other both creatively and economically. We adopted ‘divine’ while in South Africa where the word is used to describe anything of beauty.

The Divine Tribe is the fruit of our vision.  While each collection is a testament to the earth’s inherent beauty, we are equally inspired by the people who help us create them.  From inception to execution, we make each piece by hand and in collaboration with a community of craftsmen that now spans the globe. 



Feather InspirationKoi Fish

The Divine Tribe jewelry is an assemblage of inspirations collected throughout a life of travel.  Our design is inspired by rich tribal heritages and the myriad patterns found in the natural world.  While our aesthetic evokes a strong cultural influence, the careful blending of natural and traditional elements with precious materials distinguishes our craft.  Each piece is a statement that is at once exotic, classic, and wholly unique.

Our hand stitched and woven leather accessories are crafted with the same attention to detail as our jewelry.  We adhere strictly to international guidelines for licensing and quality control as we carefully select exotic hides to marry with bone, precious and semi-precious stones hand set in gold, sterling silver and brass. 

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